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OpenAI introduces custom GPTs

Almost a year ago, ChatGPT was introduced by OpenAI and a flood of numerous AI developments followed.

Nov. 6, 2023 OpenAI announced important new developments. For example, it is now possible to develop your own custom GPTs, such as a "DenisDoelandGPT.

Introduction GPTs

GPT stands for "Generative Pre-trained Transformer" and is simply put, a kind of language model for artificial intelligence to generate answers to questions.

With OpenAI's introduction of GPTs, you can create your own versions of ChatGPT "without any coding" that combine instructions, extra knowledge and skills.

These GPTs can help you in your daily activities, in specific tasks, for yourself and for your business. You can share them with others, and there will also be a GPT Store in January 2024.

The GPT Store allows individual developers and organizations to offer their own customized GPT models. This increases the accessibility and diversity of AI tools, allowing users to find specific models to suit their unique needs and projects.  

This is an interesting next step in the lightning-fast AI development, which is fast moving toward AI assistants that can perform certain tasks completely independently for you.

My first experience of creating my own GPT was mixed. I started out very optimistic and a huge amount is going to be possible with it, however, I encountered a lot of teething problems.

For example, my first GPT was trackless for a while, it often crashes and the outcomes still shoot in all directions. But this will be a matter of (short) time before this works many times better. A first properly working GPT I hope to show you soon.

Do you have an OpenAI Plus account and want to explore this for yourself? .

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ChatGPT4 updates

If you use ChatGPT4, you no longer have to keep choosing which option to use such as 'DALL-E, Browsing with Bing' and 'Advanced Data Analysis'. You now have one customized chat window, in which you can immediately perform all the actions you want. 

Also, the timeliness of dates has been updated to April 2023 and you can now handle up to 100,000 words (equivalent to a book of about 300 pages). 

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