We are happy to help you achieve your digital ambitions. We do this by developing a Next Level Impact Strategy and the associated Content Management.

In order not to just start running fast, without knowing where to go, we always start first with a Digital Maturity Assessment and Content Impact Scan, supplemented if desired by a Business Acceleration Framework Benchmark and Business Acceleration Scan. In doing so, we clearly map out the current situation and starting points.

Then, depending on your ambitions and current content organization, we will work together on one of the Next Level Impact growth programs.

A Next Level Impact program we usually start with is the Direction program. In this, we develop a solid digital content strategy over a 3-month period. We also help implement the long wins and quick wins from the Content Impact Scan.

Then we continue with Digital Reputation Growth Program. With that, we start working on implementing content strategy and optimizing content management.

We also offer numerous online dashboards such as the Digital Reputation Monitor, GA4, Meta ads, Google ads, E-commerce (Shopify & Woocommerce), Ticketing (Paylogic) and Streaming (Spotify).