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AI tools update: week 23

It was already possible to create text, images, videos, audio and music with AI, now sound effects have been added. This is the next piece of the puzzle of "fully AI-generated media." ElevenLabs introduces a new AI Audio model "Text to Sound Effects."

It allows users to use text prompts to create AI-generated sound effects, short instrumental songs and different character voices. This complements their existing AI voice technology, which allows users to generate spoken text and clone their own voices. In the introduction video, all sounds are generated by ElevenLabs' sound and voice models.

Perplexity Launches Pages

This new feature allows you to build your own pages based on various AI-generated searches within Perplexity. Then you can publish these pages and they are also searchable through Google. You can also share the link to these pages with other users. They can also ask follow-up questions on the topic. Moreover, users can convert their existing chats within Perplexity into pages with one click.

Claude can now use external tools

Anthropic's AI assistant Claude can now use external tools to perform various tasks. By turning natural language requests into structured actions, Claude can extract data, perform API calls, answer queries, automate simple tasks, and coordinate multiple sub-agents for complex tasks. This helps reduce manual data entry, provides immediate answers to customer queries, and optimizes time management.

Suno extends music generation to 4 minutes

With the new version 3.5 of the AI music generation tool Suno, music up to 4 minutes can now be created from a text prompt. In addition, you can extend songs by 2 minutes. Furthermore, Suno also says that they have improved the song structure and the way voices sound.

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