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AI becomes an integral part of most systems you use

This year, artificial intelligence (AI) is going to be increasingly integrated into the systems you use every day. Think Microsoft applications like Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook, and Google applications like Docs, Sheets and Gmail.

Search engines such as Google Search will change dramatically with the integration of AI. In addition, the latest laptops and smartphones will also be equipped with AI technology.

Microsoft, for example, has already announced that their new Surface laptop will be capable of "next-gen AI. Apple says it is working on advanced AI language models for iPhones and other devices. And Samsung is about to unveil the first AI-powered smartphones on Jan. 17 with their latest Galaxy S24 line.

OpenAI announced yesterday that starting next week, it will launch the GPT Store, where individual developers and organizations can offer their own customized GPT models. This increases the accessibility and diversity of AI tools, allowing users to find specific models to suit their unique needs and projects.  

In short, it promises to be a year in which AI takes a big leap forward in adoption.

How are you preparing for this AI-driven future?

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