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The new year has barely begun and the beacons in the AI landscape are already being moved. OpenAI introduced two interesting developments last Wednesday: the ChatGPT Team subscription as well as the GPT Store. These extensions are an important step in accelerating the adoption of advanced AI technologies.

Let's look at how these innovations can transform the way we work and communicate.

ChatGPT Team

The ChatGPT Team subscription can accommodate up to 149 users, which means you can now easily use a shared ChatGPT environment with your entire team.

You can manage users and team data and chats remain private as they are not used for language model training.

All the benefits of ChatGPT Plus are included, such as access to DALL-E 3, GPT-4 with Vision, and advanced data analysis, but with a significantly larger "context window" of 32,000 tokens. This allows better performance of complex tasks involving extensive conversations or documents.

In addition, it allows team members to develop and share custom GPTs, enabling a whole new form of collaboration and innovation.

You can choose a flexible monthly subscription of $30 per user (starting from 2 users) or a yearly subscription of $25 per user per month. 

Existing ChatGPT users can easily upgrade by logging into their account.

Explore the possibilities with ChatGPT Team

GPT Store

Late last year, OpenAI already introduced the ability to develop your own custom GPTs, such as a "DenisDoelandGPT," for example.

Now individual developers and organizations can offer their own customized GPT models in the GPT Store. This makes them accessible to other users who can thus find specific models to suit their needs.

Discover the GPT Store here.

What are custom GPTs?

GPT stands for "Generative Pre-trained Transformer" and is simply put, a kind of language model for artificial intelligence to generate answers to questions.

Custom GPTs allow you to create your own versions of ChatGPT "without any coding" that combine instructions, additional knowledge and skills.

These GPTs can help you in your daily activities, in specific tasks, for yourself and for your business.

Again, there is a lot to discover and experiment with.

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