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Google launches Gemini Advanced and replaces Bard

Google yesterday launched their most advanced Ultra language model under the name Gemini Advanced. In addition, they changed the name Bard to Gemini.

What is Gemini Advanced and what are the initial experiences?

Gemini Advanced

Gemini Advanced provides access to Google's most powerful AI model: Ultra 1.0. With this, it offers many more capabilities on highly complex tasks including:

  • Programming
  • Logical reasoning
  • Following nuanced instructions
  • Creative collaboration

In addition, Gemini Advanced offers the ability to upload files, documents, data and more for deeper analysis. And it integpricing with Google apps such as Gmail, Maps and YouTube. You can communicate with Gemini via text, your voice or images.

Google indicates that Gemini Advanced will continue to expand in the coming months with new and exclusive features, such as increased context length, expanded multimodal capabilities, and even better programming features.

A Gemini app has also been launched, however it is not yet available in the Netherlands. The browser version is available in the Netherlands though, which you can use to test Gemini Advanced right now. However, it seems that we cannot use the optimized version at this time. Google also indicates that Ultra 1.0 is only available and optimized for English, but can answer in the other languages such as Dutch.

My initial test results showed that Gemini Advanced is not currently equivalent to ChatGPT4.

The first test was a question about current events. 

Here Gemini failed completely, while ChatGPT-4 gave an accurate answer. 

During testing, I was sitting on the couch and took a picture of 2 tennis balls lying next to me and put there by our dog. To use this to test recognizing and giving context to an image. See below the response of Gemini Advanced versus GPT4.

n this example, a clear difference can also be seen between Gemini Advanced and ChatGPT-4, where the latter (except for text recognition), recognizes the context of the image very well and Gemini has very limited success in this. 🤨

A follow-up question to test the contextual power of both tools was "how do you think those balls got on the bench?

Again, ChatGPT-4 gives a very correct answer, where Gemini's answer is very general. 

A subsequent test with an image gave similar results and clearly shows the current quality difference between Gemini Advanced and ChatGPT-4.

Fortunately, Gemini itself also states "I'm still in the midst of development, so it's possible I haven't seen everything shown in the image." but it's clear that Gemini still has quite a few strokes to make, which I'm sure will happen in the near future. 

In any case, it is definitely worthwhile to go test Gemini and experiment what it can already do and repeat this regularly. You can test Gemini Advanced for free for 2 months now, after that the cost is Euro 21.99 per month per user. 

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