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The 2022 DJ FACT Top 100 has a new, Dutch No. 1. Tiësto succeeds Marshmello at the head of the alternative, fact-based dance-act ranking by Denis Doeland in collaboration with This Is Our House. The complete list can be found below.

A new year, so new round and new opportunities in the DJ FACT Top 100. But first, it's still time to take stock of 2021. Which DJs were the best on the digital spectrum last year? 

Counterpoint to DJ Mag Top 100

As announced in late 2020 at the launch of our alternative rankings, in collaboration with This Is Our House, we would look beyond garnering audience votes through campaigns by artists themselves at the DJ Fact Top 100. In doing so, we aim to provide an objective counterpoint to DJ Mag's popularity poll, the DJ Mag Top 100. 

Reputation Index

For example, it is important to also look at performance on the various streaming services and social media channels. How is the fan relationship maintained? How many fans and streams does the DJ have on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Amazon Music and 6 other services such as Beatport? But also: how is he or she doing on Bandsintown and Wikipedia?

In compiling the 2022 DJ FACT Top 100, we used insights from various data platforms such as Chartmetric, Viberate and the Reputation Index. Finally, we also considered the position in the DJ Mag Top 100. 

The measurement period is from January 1 to December 31, 2021. The decision to measure throughout the year and announce the ranking at the beginning of the year ensures that we can monitor performance throughout the coming year. We are especially curious about the effect of performances in the real and virtual world on our list.

Zooming in on No. 1: Tiësto

Looking at the various channels and streaming services, as well as Tiësto's reputation, we cannot help but conclude that he is the rightful No. 1 of the DJ FACT Top 100. In the Chartmetric ranking, the Dutchman rose 38 positions since the beginning of last year. Also at Viberate, Tiësto rose by more than 30 million points. His social media performance, music performance and network respect are indicated there as outstanding.

Looking at our own Reputation Index ranking, we see that Tiësto ranks second. In the DJ MAG Top 100, he did not kick it further than 15th place. We compared all the data points and then simply see that, when we assign the DJ Fact Score to it, the DJ/producer originally from Breda gained the most points.

New parameters

In 2020, we started measuring digital reputation for the DJ FACT Top 100. Back then, we did not include other parameters. Now we have integrated the items below.

  • Greatest reach: more streams, more views, more impressions. The number of contact points with the audience is a good indicator. Every day there are a number of eyes and ears that you as a DJ can have contact with.
  • Healthy fan engagement: just scoring streams isn't all that matters. You want to include some of the new listeners in a reliable fan base. Loyal fans are essential to long-term success.
  • Success on multiple channels: different channels suit different audiences. Artists still too often jump from one platform to another. A strong presence on a wide range of channels in the digital ecosystem ensures that you reach as many people as possible.

Where does Charlotte de Witte stand? 

Belgian techno artist Charlotte de Witte has once again risen in the Reputation Index, to fourth place. Nice to see that her efforts on social media are being rewarded. If we hold the other channels against that and look at the streaming services, however, we see that she does not get more than 176 points. That's over 100 points less than the No. 1. 

By the way, our prediction is that Charlotte de Witte will do well again in the Reputation Index next year and will maintain her position in that section. If she is able to get her fan base moving to generate streams and views, she will also begin to rise in our DJ FACT Top 100.

Notable listings

Our research with various systems providing data revealed a remarkable number of DJs who do not have a DJ Mag Top 100 listing but are eligible for one. We also came across many DJs whose ranking is becoming grimly obvious. Not to mention the remarkable new "entries" that just fall out of the sky, it seems.

A number of articles will appear on TIOH.com in the near future that will answer the above findings. Starting with an interview with lead researcher and initiator of the DJ FACT Top 100, Denis Doeland (photo above).

DJ FACT Top 100

The complete 2022 DJ FACT Top 100 can be found here. The first DJ FACT Top 100 can be found here. You will find the 2022 list on TIOH.com soon. See also Denis Doeland's website.